Deep Water Horizon October 1st – November 27th 2010

The UC San Diego University Art Gallery will host Deep Water Horizon, Hans Weigand's second solo exhibition in the U.S. after his acclaimed debut at the Portland Landmark, Gallery. Deep Water Horizon is inspired by the fictitious and dystopian landscape of the California Coastline, on which the artist projects all sorts of ambivalent fall-out from the last 30 years of popular culture. Weigand will present eight large-scale multilayered canvases in an octagonal shape. This fractured panoramic seascape is held together by a continuous, distant horizon, which is also a kind of dividing line between what's on top of this huge wave and what has long been submerged. In this sense, Deep Water Horizon is not only in dialogue with the recent offshore catastrophe but also hints at the archival burden confronted in the age of digital mass memory.

Mark Dean Veca: Paintings, Wall Drawings and Collaborations January 29th – March 15th 2009

Mark Dean Veca is renowned for creating paintings, drawings and installations that portray surreal cartoons, psychedelic landscapes, and pop culture iconography while also being inspired by long-established decorative motifs. He is widely recognized for his all-encompassing installations that surround the viewer and inspire a sense of awe. Revealing fantastical and, at times, humorous imagery with frenzy and pattern-like precision, his works often resemble a modernized interpretation of toile painting. In the 1998 catalogue for Veca’s El Gloominator exhibition, Steve Mitchell asserts that “Veca works in the meticulous tradition of the fresco painter to produce an image that paradoxically evokes the immediacy of the graffiti artist.”